Mechanical reparis - Flavin consulting
Mechanical repairs - Flavin Consulting


We offer a wide range of repairs

  • Suspension, Ball joints, Shock absorbers

  • Driveshafts (Constant velocity joints)

  • Clutch replacement

  • Automatic Transmission Service

  • Diagnostics

  • Battery checks

  • Brakes

  • ABS

  • Exhausts

  • Cambelt replacement

  • Tyres

  • Puncture repair, Wheel alignement, Tracking

  • Suspension air bags (light commercial) VB & Gliderite systems

Gearbox & Axle - 

Modern front-wheel drive cars typically combine the transmission (gearbox and differential) and front axle into a single unit called a transaxle. The drive axle is a split axle with differential and universal joints between the two half axles.

An axle that is driven by the engine or prime mover is called a drive axle.


Should your vehicle be diagnosed as needing a replacement or refurbished gearbox or axle, we have the necessary equipment to safely remove the identified components allowing us to arrange for them to be repaired at the correct specialist.

If you can not find what is is your looking for, please contact us by calling or using our contact us page.
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